Join us on December 9th as we fly from Denver (KDEN) to Anchorage (PANC)!

Our 5th Annual Holiday event has been announced! The staff is super excited about this event and we are hoping all will make it. Fly with us from Denver to Anchorage with Flightbeam, REX, FS2Crew, and VATSIM! The Denver and Anchorage ARTCC will be providing us with FULL ATC and we will also be giving away several prizes from our selected sponsors. This flight will be representing real operations meaning every pilot who signs up will get a dispatched route and gate etc.. 24 hours before departure.


This will be a Real-World Ops style event. All pilots who sign up will recieve an assigned gate and route 24 hours prior to departure. All pilots will also have a scheduled departure time. We will be working closly with VATSIM to make sure we can keep our schedule.


This event is proudly sponsored by FlightBeam, FS2Crew, REX Simulations, and VATSIM.

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